Axiever’s ERP software elevates the digital transformation of business automation process tools especially for small and medium-sized businesses. This cloud ERP solution provides an integrated system to run your daily business activities and maximize efficiency all in one space.

digital transformation

Why choose Axiever?

Key Benefits


Accurate real-time updates, anytime and anywhere in the world

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All the functions that you need in one user-friendly integrated system

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Cultivate your relationship with your employees and clients

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Cloud-based deployment and robust security features

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Highlighted Features

  • Organized modules for seamless business
  • Robust user security and cloud-enabled system
  • Configurable
  • Easy upgrades and enhancement for your company’s growth
  • Integrated system and automated business processes in one database
  • Data analytics for business growth
  • Accessible data anytime and anywhere
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customer management

Customer Management

Axiever’s customer management module enhances customer experience with its customer master and CRM features.

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inventory management

Inventory Management

With Axiever’s inventory management solutions, keeping track of the running low supplies and overstocks has never been easy.

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supplier management

Supplier Management

Axiever’s supplier management module aims for smooth supply chain processes.

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order management

Order Management

The order management module provides an optimized approach to processing all orders and transactions from inquiries, quotations, order entry and fulfillment, and invoicing processes.

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finance and budget management

Finance and Budget Management

Axiever's finance and budget management module helps track company finances and manage budget to accelerate growth.

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HR management

HR Management

The HR Management module has a variety of features that effectively manages and maximizes your employees’ efficiency.

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project management

Project Management

Axiever’s project management module maximizes the process of project operations with its ability to spearhead, plan, execute, monitor, and control projects.

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document management

Document Management

With Axiever’s document management module, documents are sure to be tracked, managed, and securely stored on cloud storage.

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Management Solution

dashboard for your every need

A Dashboard for
your every need

driver erp software tools in one space

Diverse ERP
tools in One Space

reliable and secure system

Reliable and Secure System

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