Inventory Management

Inventory levels must be replenished at a rate that does not lead to overstocks or frequent stock-outs. Since supply and demand are not constant, and may change with season, managing inventory could be tricky and complicated. Axiever manages and optimizes inventory levels.

inventory management

Module Features

inventory management

Item Management

  • Lists and manages inventory items
  • Maintains multiple items attributes
  • Manages cost, pricing and discounts
  • Stock level and re-order point
  • Item location and movement
inventory management


  • Creates a requests for procurement
  • Automatic list of items to re-order
  • Inventory replenishment for individual warehouses
inventory management


  • Checks items received
  • Verifies as per purchase requisitions
  • Enters item location in warehouse
inventory management


  • Generates shipping instructions for suppliers
  • Informs mode of shipping
  • Drop ship for direct delivery to customer