Our story started 18 years ago when the owner of the company took on the challenging path of starting a new, independent organization. Thanks to his corporate experiences and contacts and his degrees in Engineering and Management, he successfully managed to drive his startup from zero all the way to a multimillion-dollar company and expand the operations to other countries and company associates.

He realized that the biggest problem with small businesses in today’s modern age is that they either do not have the expertise to develop a simplified and automated operational process or do not have the financial means to get one. This is why, in spite of having excellent ideas and skills, these companies can't manage to reach the next level of the business cycle, and thus all their potentials and resources go to waste. They cannot achieve the same level of corporate success that bigger businesses have since they are not equipped with the essential, appropriate tools for their businesses.

This is where Axiever comes in.

We know the pain and problems that small businesses face because we experienced it ourselves. We have thoroughly gathered our experience and strive to make Axiever a high-quality, world-class product.

At Axiever, we are passionate about empowering small businesses by providing an ERP software to grow their business, increase their efficiency and create a better future.




We are an accountable
and high-performing
company with proven


We are proactive and
committed to the
success of our


We do as we say.
We are honest and
open so that you can
rely on us.


We embrace
technology and


We do what is right
and have the courage
to own our mistakes
and make tough


We value respect and
diversity for our ideas to
prosper. We work
together to meet our
collective goals.


We do not stop until
we reach our goals to
succeed. We strive
for continuous