Finance and Budget Management

Axiever offers comprehensive accounting and budgeting features that goes beyond the numbers. This finance and budget planning module enables you to transform your processes from the complexity and chaos of spreadsheets to a more effective financial performance that keeps your business on track. It acts as your digital accounting and budget manager through its financial intelligence and cloud flexibility.

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Module Features

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Invoice Management

  • Creates Customer Invoices based on delivery confirmation
  • Maintains Supplier Invoices based on received goods
  • Vendor Invoices based on the PO issued or direct approved invoice
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Payment Management

  • Manages receivables and payments from customers
  • Manages payables and payments made to suppliers
  • Records other expense invoices to vendors
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  • Maintains and manages financial accounts
  • Provides a complete list of sales and receivables
  • Provides a list of purchases and payables
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Bank Reconciliation

  • Helps to reconcile bank statements for all payments and receipts
  • Highlights the non-reconciled transactions for necessary action
  • Displays differences between bank statement and corresponding amount in ledger
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Account Statement

  • Single click trial balance
  • Income and Balance Sheet Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
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Assets Managment

  • Manages all fixed assets of the company
  • Calculates depreciation value based on set parameter
  • Posts adjustments in accounting ledgers
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Payroll Management

  • Single click payroll with specified period options
  • Automatically calculates the CPP, EI, Provincial and Federal Taxes
  • Maintain employee payroll records with YTD earnings and deductions
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  • Prepares forecast and estimation of revenue and costs
  • Gives direction to the business by reviewing performance and impact
  • Provides financial information to make improvements for present and future decisions
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Budget To Actual

  • Variance to identify differences between the budget and actual financial results
  • Shows financial data in dollar ($) and percent (%) terms
  • Systematic analysis to maintain control over business