The Importance of Digital Transformation to Your Small Business

Axiever Team | 26 JULY 2021

Axiever Team

Going for digital transformation and what it means for your business

As modernization changes business industries, these changes have brought different challenges that drive entrepreneurs to transform their businesses digitally. This digital transformation is technology-driven and leverages entrepreneurs to form new products, marketing strategies, and business models for business growth.

Digital transformation happens when companies adopt emerging technologies to address problems by either reducing the dependence on humans or enhancing human abilities in doing tasks.

Developing the right digital transformation strategies for your business involves finding the right technology that fits your business processes and making sure it does not break the bank.

Modern ERP systems are one of the many ways that digital transformation has made an impact on businesses. When businesses can choose the right ERP software for them, it creates an avenue for easier operations, wiser budget planning, and improved overall performance.

According to Gartner , however, only 40% of companies have invested in digitalization solutions despite 87% of business owners agreeing that it should be a company priority. It just shows the reluctance of business owners to enforce a more digitalized approach on their businesses.

The sudden jolt from COVID-19

The occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to embrace digital transformation solutions despite the hesitance of letting employees work from home . Some business owners feared that it would result in inefficiency and below-par work quality.

Business owners were nonetheless left with no choice but to keep up with the ‘new normal.’ Digital transformation is one of the solutions that can help bring back businesses at their feet and keep their productions and operations afloat.

The sudden jolt of the pandemic has highlighted the significance of digital transformation for businesses and their clients. Before the pandemic, it was difficult to see the value of automation when doing tasks manually remains an option. Even when there are opportunities to use emerging technologies for various tasks, having your employees learn and use them is a different story.

Amidst this pandemic, it was easier to see how advantageous digital transformation is for many businesses. The coronavirus has reinforced the need for digitalization across enterprises of all sizes. In today’s time, where there is a need for contactless transactions, the total market for digitalization is the only way that businesses can continue their operations.

Businesses that adapted to digitalization have the edge as they have come more prepared than their competitors, who hesitated to invest in digital transformation.

Technology’s role to digitally transform your business

Digital transformation means more than just revamping your system. It involves a proactive approach when your business can be more agile, innovative, and intelligent. Its primary goal is to make businesses thrive in a fast-paced and progressive digital world.

Every digital transformation strategy starts by going at the root of every business problem and addressing that. This helps you deal with business problems proactively and efficiently.

Why go for digital transformation now more than ever

Digital transformation solutions include a change in the overall system for your business. It may consist of revamping your daily operations, company culture, and the total ecosystem of your business.

The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation for many organizations. With the constant need for social distancing and the need to manage your business from home, there is an imperative demand for companies to become digital.

While digital transformation can involve many different technologies and the involvement of several people, it is a fact that investing in digital transformation solutions should be now more than ever.

It is true that technology is the primary tool that drives digital transformation. One of the products of today’s technology is Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP. Aligning ERP and its proper implementation is the foundation of digital transformation, especially for small and start-up businesses.

With the proper implementation of ERP, your business has a bigger chance of faster growth. In a rapidly evolving field for many industries, the deployment of ERP that understands your business needs can make you more efficient and help you re-engineer your daily operations.

Axiever as your lead to digital transformation

The pandemic is sudden and unexpected. But its effect is evident, especially today.

Growth opportunities for small businesses are possible in this new normal through the help of an intelligent and innovative ERP.

Axiever is an innovative ERP software that provides small and medium businesses the digital transformation solutions they need for vast opportunities for growth and profitability.

This cloud-enabled ERP software makes sure that your business is future-proof and adaptable while enhances your customers’ experience and improves employee productivity and efficiency.

With a diverse experience in the market, Axiever understands the need of businesses and have innovative solutions that are sure to keep your business on the rise above the competition.