The Impact of Cloud-Based ERP to your Business

Axiever Team | 26 JULY 2021

Axiever Team

Running your small business in this modernized world can be daunting and tedious. In these times, the accessibility of data and analytics transform companies to become more productive and efficient. Companies in the past used to process everything manually or manage their own server as they run their overall business processes.

Technology has evolved so much through the years, and the emergence of such technologies has had profound significance in growing small and medium-sized businesses. However, small companies may be skeptical about spending money on investing in technology for their business.

Today, ERP software has revolutionized business automation that paved the way for digital transformation for companies in achieving growth and success. The 2018 Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT priorities survey showed that 53% of the respondents believe that investing with the right ERP software should be a top priority for businesses. The concept of cloud and cloud computing nowadays is one of the primary benefits of finding the right ERP solutions.

So what is ‘cloud,’ and how does it make an impact on your business?

‘The cloud’ refers to the servers and the different databases that help run the servers. By having cloud-enabled software, business owners have the convenience of accessing files and applications on any device. In today’s time, ERP software has maximized the use of the cloud in many ways.

What makes having cloud-enabled ERP software impactful to your business?


Data availability and movability are essential, especially in a growing business. With the increasing demands of accessibility, enterprises have sought flexible options for their customers using digital transformation solutions brought by ERP. Having cloud-enabled ERP software makes it flexible for organizations to access their data across multiple devices and locations. Flexibility results in efficiency among your employees, which allows them to work collaboratively. Choosing cloud-enabled ERP software can help you boost productivity while reducing dependence on IT staff and enables you to save time in maintaining daily business processes.

Document Control and Visibility

Before the cloud, document control and managing documents can be a very tedious task in whatever type of business. Data and document control, most significantly, sensitive data control, must be protected and managed whatever size of business you have. Cloud allows you to have total visibility and control of all your essential data. Your ERP software also lets you control who your data can be visible to, which would mean privacy and confidentiality for your business.

Integrated data security and recovery

Losing data and access to information is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges to encounter for businesses. Records are one of the most basic yet one of the most vital factors to be protected. One impact of using cloud-enabled ERP software is ensuring that it keeps your business protected from cyber attacks, thefts, and other types of disasters. Since the cloud enables various data storage, you can quickly recover data and resume business processes without the hassle. With the cloud, you may benefit from advanced security features that heighten storage for data with authentication processes, encryption, and overall data control.


Your organization needs to have an up-to-date IT system, most especially for growing companies. However, this can be challenging as it can be costly on the side of the business owner. With cloud-enabled ERP software, you can be sure that your company can have the best platform that is constantly updated and reliable. Business continuity can also be possible because you can guarantee available backup solutions to avoid losses and unproductivity because of unexpected circumstances.

Efficient Collaboration and Communication

A cloud-enabled ERP system allows your business to elevate its communication and CRM features. A robust ERP software solution encourages you to move away from the traditional practices of managing tasks and communicating with your team. With top-notch cloud-hosted ERP software, you will be sure to have a more collaborative work environment across different departments within your company. How is this possible? For example, multiple people can simultaneously access all the necessary files while having overall visibility and consistently monitored tasks for easier accountability.

Still not convinced of a cloud-interfaced ERP software for your business?

Amid the corona virus pandemic, Sid Nag, the research vice president for Gartner, stated that businesses had spearheaded the use of scalable cloud models and adapted it as the ‘new normal’ to achieve cost-efficient solutions for business continuity.

Make your business future-proof by selecting the perfect cloud-hosted ERP software. Axiever is a cloud-hosted ERP solution that ensures robust data security and automates all business processes with diverse and customized modules. You can keep up with time demands and help you strategize for an innovative and adaptable working environment for your company.

The ability to stay ahead of the competition and achieve success is essential for growing and start-up companies. With the ever-changing demands and a highly competitive market, you can expand your capacity by investing in top-notch ERP software that can digitally transform your business and stand out in the industry.