Understanding SaaS ERP software

Axiever Team | 26 JULY 2021

Axiever Team

Several organizations have transitioned into SaaS ERP software. Cloud SaaS ERPs provide a plethora of advantages that allow businesses to become adaptive to technological advancements while gaining a competitive advantage in the industry. Before investing, it is essential to understand what this game-changing ERP software is all about.

As businesses go through modernization, it is without a doubt that the internet played a huge role in this transition to digitalization.

Amidst this digital transformation in businesses, ERP software has become the ultimate backbone of organizations in various fields, helping in accounting, logistics, procurement, and project management across the entire company. In the past, ERP deployments require every company’s IT department to invest in costly and time-consuming hardware of ERP.

Understanding the advancements of ERP is related to the rise of cloud computing. Cloud computing is when technical services are offered powered by the internet, including various applications, data storage, and servers. As cloud services continue to grow its popularity,

businesses of the modern age aim for convenience and functionality that is possible with SaaS or Software as a Service.

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service or (SaaS) is a cloud-based software model that allows applications to offer subscriptions to their users rather than buying a hardware or software license. These applications can be accessed through the internet and can execute different functionalities such as file storage, emails, customer relationship management, business and employment management features. SaaS is easily deployed, maintained, and updated. Companies often see this as an advantage as modern cloud SaaS applications often offer an all-around software that caters to all basic business needs for boosted productivity and competitiveness.

Understanding Saas ERP

It is no secret that ERP systems have contributed to the growth of businesses through their ability to power up employees, boost productivity and digital resilience. Generally, SaaS ERP is a type of ERP software that is not just cloud-enabled but is mainly managed by the software provider. With SaaS ERP, the vendor and the clients use one instance with the same network infrastructure.

Choosing the suitable SaaS ERP for you may mean looking into distinct functions to help your daily business tasks. However, SaaS ERPs should streamline all your processes, provide a seamless working environment for employees, and promote an innovative approach towards operations. Investing in SaaS ERPs could mean putting a lot of factors into consideration.

In terms of costs, SaaS ERP is usually a subscription type of service where the vendor can offer monthly or annual plans. Businesses who have experienced using SaaS ERP have reduced unnecessary costs and gained higher profit as the implementation of the system did not depend on IT teams for maintenance. Also, there was no need to invest in third-party security applications as SaaS ERPs have integrated robust security for business data and transactions.

Another essential factor to consider is the deployment and implementation of the system. The deployment and implementation of SaaS ERPs are also quickly done compared to on-premise types of ERPs. As there is little to no configuration needed, there will be a shorter implementation time, and in most cases, the vendor provides the automatic upgrades that keep end-users updated with the latest version of the software.

Axiever as a reliable and robust SaaS ERP

In this fast-paced and digitized environment, Axiever is one reliable SaaS ERP solution specially made for small and medium enterprises in this fast-paced and digitized environment. The ability of start-up businesses to achieve seamless business processes and communications remains a critical requirement for agile growth and business movement.

Axiever is a cloud-enabled SaaS ERP that provides a complete suite of functionalities that ensures all-around features that focus on managing all your daily business transactions for you so you won’t break any sweat. Experience the convenience with the Axiever ERP software and get your money’s worth. Take a step closer to success today and experience mobility with Axiever’s ERP software.