Lighting Supplier Company Improves End-to-End Operations with Axiever

    • Reduced inventory by 15%              
    • Manpower efficiency increased by 20%

    • Inefficient inventory and stock management practices
    • Unproductive warehousing operation
    • High customer demand
    • Delayed payments in accounts receivables
    • Record disorganization
    • Manual intensive processes

    • Improved inventory management
    • Automation of key back-office functions
    • Easy reporting and analysis of data
    • Acceleration of order-to-cash cycle
    • Wayfair integration for seamless end-to-end supply chain
    • Improvement of financial productivity

Lighting Supplier Company Improves End-to-End Operations with Axiever

The Solution

Axiever enabled the company to manage inventory more effectively to reduce inventory levels and cost which creates a better customer experience. Beyond collections and delivery, Axiever addressed the order-taking delays and errors which had an impact in their cash flow. As a scalable ERP system, Axiever became a standalone solution that helped them track the status of inventories in real time. The implementation of Axiever software in their company helped them create positive customer experiences as well as automated their business process such as downloading and entering their e-commerce orders through Wayfair and other platforms. Axiever provided end-to-end supply chain visibility with demand and inventory tracking, demand forecasting, and real-time data on the company’s warehouse operations and supply chain.