Industrial Supplies Distributor

    • Increased efficiency by 25%              

    • Complex organizational processes
    • Difficulty in coordination between branch offices
    • Order processing errors
    • Poor inventory accuracy and order fulfillment
    • Delayed receivables
    • Data error which causes increase order times
    • Slow customer inquiry processing

    • Improved customer service with accurate responses
    • Reduced order times
    • Accurate receiving and order fulfillment
    • Improved coordination with automation between branch office
    • Streamlined invoicing process

Industrial Supplies Distributor

The Solution

To help mitigate their problems in order fulfillment activities, the company has now implemented Axiever’s robust ERP solution to support their entire supply chain operation. Since changing over to an automated process, the company has increased its profits and reduced its operating costs. Axiever has made it possible for the company to gain complete transparency of every essential area of the business—from orders to sales to logistics. Today, the company’s operational processes are fully integrated creating a truly collaborative environment across multiple systems and offices while avoiding errors and duplication of work. With universal access to a single business management platform, Axiever empowered the company to easily adapt to changing market demands.